Whally- "Kid"
DKK: DK00757/2019
Født/dob: 10.12.2018
HD/hips: A
AD/elbows: 0   
HD Index: 103

Clear of: PRA, EIC, CNM, SD2, HNPK, Stargardt
Øjenlys/eyes: April 2023 uden anmærkninger for avl /no remarks for breeding
Fuldt tandsæt
Vægt/weight: 28 kg
Bære det gule gen/ have the yellow gene

Kid is a smaller labrador, but with good width and large muscle mass. He is a power house and has high speed and style, if you lack drive and style in your bitch, he is the right choice. Even if it goes fast, he is easy to control as he is very pleasing. You won't find a friendlier male dog than Kid (yes, his father;-), he loves puppies and other dogs and will do anything to avoid a conflict. He is very calm inside and actually prefers to be in peace when he is off. Kid resembles his legendary father Milo in many ways


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1.Vinder Åben WT juli 2020
1.pr. Åben A september 2020
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