Altiquin Cayanne - "Dublin"

Imported from Ireland

DKK: DK06445/2020
Født/dob: 28.06.2019
HD/hips: A
AD/elbows: 0
HD index: 101 pr. 1/4-23
Clear of: PRA, CNM, EIC, HNPK, SD2, Stargardt.
Øjenlyst/eyes: april 2023 uden anmærkninge/no remarks
Fuldt tandsæt
Vægt/weight: 29 kg.
Avler Foxrøde hvalpe på tæver med dette gen.
Produce Fox red puppy on bitches with that gene. 

I Imported Dublin from Irland, when he was 8 weeks old, all ready at that time, he showed me, he was something special.  
Dublin is a medium-sized dog that is elegant and athletic. He was very easy to train for tests & trials, he is always 100% committed to what he does. He has an above-average marking ability, loves to jump, is hard-working in all terrains and has a high passion for water. On the other hand, when Dublin is off, he is very calm and VERY cuddly. Dublin can be used on different types of bitches, he usually adds some of his good qualities regardless of the type of bitches.

Uddrag af resultater: 


Brugsprøve bestået maj 2020
5.Vinder Begynderklasse WT juli 2020
1. pr. Begynderklasse marts 2021
1. pr. Åbenklasse april 2021
3. Vinder Åbenklasse WT Mock trial maj 2021
3. Vinder Vinderklasse post september 2022
2. Vinder Vinderkl/Open post marts 2023
4. Vinder Vinderkl/Open post marts 2023
8. Vinder Diamond Cup marts 2023
Bestået Vinderkl/Open april 2023

Vinder WT, 1. Vinder 8. maj 2022
4. Vinder Unghundemesterskab august 2020
Apporteringsprøve bestået Juli 2020
Åbenklasse test, udemærkelse 5. juni 2021
Åbenklasse test, udemærkelse 6. juni 2021
Vinderklasse test, 3. vinder august 2021
Vinderklasse test, udm. 2022
Markprøve Åben klasse, udmærkelese, september 2021
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