Levenghyl Phoenix - "Phoenix"


Imported from United Kingdom

DKK: DK20256/2018
Født/dob: 15.03.2017
HD/hips: A
AD/elbows: 0
HD Index: 121
Clear of: PRA, CNM, SD2, EIC, HNPK
Carrier of: Stargardt
Øjenlys/eyes: April 2023 med anmærkning, ikke medfødt/remarks, not innate

Fuldt tandsæt

Vægt/weight: 30 kg
Bære af det foxføde gen/carrier of the fox red gen

Bitches who want to be mated with Phoenix must be tested FREE of Stargardt and have an eye examination certificate that is not older than 1 year, where they are not listed with Cateract

Tæver der ønsker parres med Phoenix skal være testet FRI for Stargardt og have en øjenlysningsattest der ikke er ældre end 1 år, hvor de ikke er noteret med Cateract.

Import from England.
Phoenix is a medium sized strong male dog, well built and good bone and muscle mass. Phoenix is a very calm and well-considered dog, stress is not an attribute he has. He has good hunting qualities and if I wanted, he could be a good tracking dog. He is very obedient and always tries to do everything right. He adds his calm mind to his puppies, if you have a slightly stressed, "nervous" or overheated bitch, Phienix is the right choice, he produces easily trainable puppies and often also with a good exterior. Many beginners have taken Phoenix puppies to trials, with success.

Uddrag af resultater


1.pr. Åben A november 2019 - 1. price Novice FT.
1.pr. Åben B 10/8 2018 & Bedste hund i klassen for hans dommer. (Cold game test, best dog)
1.pr. Begynder B 22/6-2019 (Cold game test)
4. WT Vinder begynderkl. april 2019
Kvalifikations prøve bestået april 2020
Brugsprøve bestået marts 2019


Apporteringsprøve bestået april 2019
GBFTCH Drakeshead Vodka FTCH Dipplelodge Raven of Riversway FTCH Endacott Soames of Riversway FTCh Glenbriar Solo
FTW Endacott Spindle
FTW Dolbrenin Sian FTCh Pocklea Remus
Cadover Della
FTCH Levenghyl silvercloud of Drakeshead FTCH Pocklea Adder FTCh Pocklea Remus
Pocklea Nettle
FTCH Glenpatrick Eve GBFTCH
Garendon Captain
Glenpatrick Halo
Levenghyl Okie Dokie GBFTCH
Copperbirch Paddy Of Leadburn
Greenbriar Falkland GBFTCH
Hatchfield Feargal
Greenbriar Solitaire
Ernevale Maud Of Tudorcourt
Pocklea Braken Berry
Fernshot Amber
Levenghyl Gemstone
Tasco Brimstone
Lettermore Trout
Stormwatch Spider of Tasco
Shadowbrae Mist of Levenghyl
Endacott Stoer Of Quabrook
Brockweir Vanda of Shadowbrae
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